Recently finally had the time to start a mythic quest!  I am currently about a 22 handicap as a golfer.  Now I am questing to go from there to a scratch golfer, your welcome to join me for the trip.

I will be enlisting great coaches online and offline and sharing the lessons I learn.

My golf mentor Bob has been a professional for decades and is one of the best teachers I know.  He has been giving me some coaching to get started.

First Two Things to Work on For Me:


I have always had a bit of 'short man's decease' and thus it is no surprise to me that I swing fast and that may have effected my balance.  So, the first matter for me is to work on my balance.  I am making a point now at the range to hold my balance after the shot to build better habits.


Pre-Shot Routine

Next turns out I have a hurried approach.  So he has me, taking a few extra seconds before each shot, being more cautious to line up properly, and to visualize the shot.


If these are helpful great!  Good luck out there!