I have often wondered what could be accomplished by humans that were not crippled by sin, as a society.  What Would the Economy Look Like Without Sin? How much more wealth would be produced without laziness?  How much more effective would we be unobstructed by idols or earthly lusts?  How much more material welfare would come out of a commerce system that wouldn’t be burdened by the need for doubt that the other party could always be trusted.  How much of our society is dedicating their daily energy, necessarily so in a fallen world, to dealing with sin or the effects of sin i.e. natural evil: think government, most legal work, police, firefighters, most accounting, all military, sinful product creation, ect.  What if all of that effort from those people were focused on providing blessing and service to others?  Will much of the the new earth and its blessings, after the second coming of Christ be like this earth but without the sin?  I don’t know.