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What Would the Economy Look Like Without Sin?

I have often wondered what could be accomplished by humans that were not crippled by sin, as a society.  What Would the Economy Look Like Without Sin? How much more wealth would be produced without laziness?  How much more effective would we be unobstructed by idols or earthly lusts?  How much more material welfare would come out of a commerce system that wouldn’t be burdened by the need for doubt that the other party could always be trusted.  How much of our society is dedicating their daily energy, necessarily so in a fallen world, to dealing with sin or the effects of sin i.e. natural evil: think government, most legal work, police, firefighters, most accounting, all military, sinful product creation, ect.  What if all of that effort from those people were focused on providing blessing and service to others?  Will much of the the new earth and its blessings, after the second coming of Christ be like this earth but without the sin?  I don’t know.

Testing Our Knowledge Bias

     There are so many different ways that intelligent people show holes in the conventional idea that we have the basic jest of everything figured out and we just need to fill in the details.  I wonder if this general bias toward what the mainstream believes has always existed or if it is just a factor of modernity and chronological snobbery?  This video is very well documented and I would encourage anyone with an open mind to watch and just for yourself if it has merit. Enjoy. 

Bonvera…Just Another MLM?

      I attended the first Gameday seminar for a new company getting launched today, Bonvera.  I have had involvement with community building and networking industry for 12 years.  So I just wanted to post some of my biggest impressions.

Minimized breakage in the compensation plan
      Many companies in direct sales, and frankly any sales make great additional profits by having loopholes in compensation, called breakage.  Such as when a customer minimum isn’t met, or a specific component of a quota is not attained those dollars do not stay in the field, they go off into the never-never land of the companies pockets.  The 7 level unilevel compensation plan seems to have eliminated much of this with the dynamic compression.
They also have it built into the structure a restriction on the profit of the company to 10% or less and any other profit must be feed back to the field.  Only 5 of there 9 compensations were covered so it is not obvious which means would be used but that will be more clear when they launch and the rest of the plan is revealed with the product website launch on February 15th.

The structure of the organizations
      Bill Newton went into a fairly detailed explanation of the structures that are in place to maintain a legal relationship between the compensation and the training system business and to maintain the control of Bonvera’s board.  Bonavera’s board of directors has 5 members and 3 of them, a controlling majority, are appointed by an organization called the ICAA(ICAAboard.com).  This is an association of Bonvera’s field associates.  Every member of ICAA( has a $8/year fee) will have voting rights, not just those that attained a certain rank.  The training material and events are put on by a company called Extroda(extroda.com).  They are comparatively priced given industry standards with CD packs priced from 19.95 for 3 audio CDs – 25.95 for 4 CDs.  They also have a training booklet for 8.95.  The profit from these is not part of the Bonvera comp plan as would be prohibited by law.  Also prohibited by law is using these profits and how they can be attained as enticement for the company so it is no surprise that these profits are not discussed.  Many of the leader came from other companies that have used a directorship of the performers on an performance basis so I believe it would be fair to suppose they are paid out in a similar basis.  This structure was done under the consultation of the Mike Sheffield Legal Group one of the most respected networking legal firms in the world.

The genuine passion of the leaders
     This one was very easy to see.  These men and women seemed to care greatly for the people in the field and their success.  I presume because they came from the field and will be staying in the field with the company.  This showed through with all the speakers.

Philosophy of Product Offering
      Bonvera is intending to compete with Amazon and WalMart and have an eventual product offering as diverse with the profit being the pay for the associates.  They call this concept anyway money; ‘you are spending it anyway’. Bill Newton explained the concept that Bonvera will be offering products that “have a 2% margin and 100% margin” and that this hasn’t really been before because it would have cost enormously from the profit of a networking company.  He didn’t say this but if I can expound on that it is because much of the purchases created with most of the industry are at least buffered by the pressure from association to purchase and the compensation plan and if the lower level members with most companies had options within the offering they would opt for the less expensive and less profitable.   Thus we get to that loss of profit that Bill mentioned.  This seems to me a bold way to do business from the start with a program that allows freedom of competition between suppliers and benefits for new members and customers, at the short term expense of the company and field leaders.  I believe if this is true it will engender great loyalty and good will toward Bonvera.

      Chris Mattis stated that everything else out there that purports to be an opportunity like Bonvera boils down to a loyalty club where the suppliers are not really partners, offering real margin, but just affiliate programs offering a few percent discount and little profit. Chris makes a very compelling case for Bonvera as a company that truly has partners on all sides: for the Bonvera associates there is the opportunity for profits and a sustainable passive income, for the customer there is legitimate money savings from the price-point allowable from reduction of overhead, and for the manufactures/suppliers there is a truly dedicated group for product flow because they are ‘not just buyers, but owners’ and thus committed to buy from themselves for the savings and the income.

     In the interest of disclosure I am going to join this company.  Chris Mattis ended his talk with an anecdote about the ‘Unicorn’, a hypothetical networking company where things are setup in such a way that the customers have a real and lasting reason to buy, that uses money that is already being spent, where the systems can make for a passive income, and where there are safeguards against greed causing a corruption as things grow big, a company that can really go mainstream.  These leaders obviously believe that is what they are building with Bonvera and I would hate to look back and regret not being a part of it.


Write Up on Medium

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”…with my attitude!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”…with my attitude.  I find it very interesting that the context of this verse is speaking of Paul’s attitude through everything that this world has to offer good and bad.  Is that just a coincidence or is that the part of life that we need the most strengthening for?

Their days were consumed in futility and their years in fear

Psalm 78:32-33
“In spite of this they still sinned, and did not believe in His wondrous works. Therefore their days were consumed in futility, and their years in fear.”

What a punishment, hardly unjust but when I read this today I was petrified! I am nervous about regret anyway so the idea that it is a punishment for my continued sin. Lord, make me holy and Christ-like. Use me for a great end for Your kingdom and will.

Wow, this chart by Sean W. Malone put into perspective the destruction of the dollar and its impact on our lives!
I am particually struck by the last comment:
” Money Supply from 1946-2009 has been increased 5,938% to $8,235,900,00,000. In that time the US has seen 10 recessions, constant military action, massive expansion of government power, an explosion of the wellfare state and the complete annihilation of the buying power fo the US Dollar.
Now try to imagine what your life would be like if every dollar you had bought 20 times as much stuff…This is the cost of inflation.”

And so it begins

Wow, That was Easy. I don’t know if anyone will ever read this but it sure was easy to post!

This Blog will be a place for me to ven my thoughts and if you are foolish enough to read them then it is on you. i will make no bones about the fact that I will use it to promote ideas and businesses that I agree with( especially my own ). If you are not going add anything then I perfer you don’t even bother to read.

Blogging day one. I don’t pay attention to the Media so most of my posts are going to be a at least a few days behind. The way the world works when you try to avoid news is that the worse the news is the quicker it finds you but most only moderately bad news can take a week or so. Thus we will play there.

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