One of the books that I am currently reading is ‘Money’ by Anthony Robbins.  It is a worthwhile and informative read but its also is a big one, about 600 pages.   The last 150 pages or so are interviews with investment grand-masters and billionaires.  In this portion of the book I came across an interview with Sir John Templeton, now deceased, world class investor, billionaire and philanthropist and he had the notion of character front and center.

“Would you want to deal with a business-man you could not trust?  No!  If a man has a reputation for not being trustworthy, people will run away from him.  His business will fail.  But if another man has high ethical principles, high spiritual principles, he will try to give his customers and his employees more than they expect.  I so, he will be popular.  He will have more customers.  He will make more profit.  He will do more good in the world, and thereby he will prosper himself and have more friends and be more respected”

 Sir John Templeton