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Hey Gang,

My family and I just purchased a new tripod and I am glad to say it worked out great.  However I have definitely had my share of purchases that I regret so I wanted to provide a review to anyone looking at this purchase.


Good feel, solid and sturdy.  Not something that you are going to be bothered when caring by hand or in a backpack but doesn't feel like it is going to break.


My favorite part is the style of legs and how well they grip on poles trees and most any other place you might want to mount a camera.  Almost no movement after mounting.  You can film from about anywhere.

By comparison, the ball and joint style, if the pole or mounting point is too small it can cause difficulty mounting properly.


I don't have a large camera that I needed to mount so if you need something larger this probably isn't a fit but if you are using a GoPro, iPhone, Android, or small 1-3 lbs camera it proved to me to be plenty strong.

Phone Clip

My biggest downside is the phone clip.  It is not that it is worse then other's that I have seen it just isn't better.  My complain is with just about all of them. There is mostly plastic in the clip.  I will never get why they don't offer these clips with metal.  As far as plastic can be the mechanism works well.


This is the biggest plus for me.  I was about to purchase the JOBY Gorilla Tripod set, which is similar but has the ball legs instead the design on the uFO 2.  And you can buy 2.5 of the uFO 2 for the same price as the other premier competitor.


If you need a tripod this is a great option for a very reasonable price tag.